Get Out & VOTE!

Voter turnout in our country is much lower than in other countries, around 60% in presidential elections and 40% in midterm election years.

Of note in last year’s election, 50% of youth voters voted which was an 11% increase since 2016.

When we vote, we WIN.

“If you live in Roxbury, Mattapan, [or] Dorchester, it is easier to find a gun than find a job…and that is the case across America in our poorest neighborhoods. … There is a relationship between economic justice, crime reduction, and lower gun crime.’’ ~John Rosenthal

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The Midterms are Coming!

15 Days until Election Day!

When young people vote, democracy WINS!


Young people answered the call and transformed our nation. Historic investments in climate change, student loan forgiveness and the FIRST gun safety bill in 30 YEARS!

It begins with your VOTE ⏩

In the News:

  • U.S. election offices tighten up security for midterm elections.
  • New York Attorney General case against the NRA moves forward.
  • West Virginia judge rules required serial numbers on guns unconstitutional.
  • Supreme Court vacates MA lower court ruling on a 2020 misdemeanor ruling.
  • Massachusetts gun violence recent spate among young teens.


DV Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In the News:

  • Firearms are the common weapon used by males to murder females in 2020.
  • New federal gun law could help abuse victims.
  • Highland Park victim sues Smith & Wesson’s over deceptive marketing tactics.
  • The NRA is a Firehouse of Falsehoods.
  • SCOTUS rejects gun rights challenge to bump stock ban.
  • Massachusetts gun laws should evolve to fill the gaps.


Out-of-state groups challenge MA gun laws

In the News:

  • Five lawsuits filed by out-of-state pro gun groups against MA gun laws.
  • MA Extreme Risk Protective Order gets little use in the Commonwealth.
  • Gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson move out of states as they face backlash on their culpability in the gun violence epidemic.
  • Massachusetts ranked #49 amongst states for violence, as one of the most peaceful states because of our strong gun laws.



50 Miles More student protest march in Springfield on August 26, 2018.






Massachusetts VOTES!

It’s primary election day in Massachusetts!

Find your polling location here

In the News:

  • Tracking the aftermath of the SCOTUS ruling on Bruen.
  • Colorado gun laws and other states being challenged after SCOTUS.
  • Maryland assault weapons ban challenged by gun-rights advocates.
  • New York conceal carry law passes the courts.
  • In Texas, Federal Judge rules against firearm age restriction.

In Massachusetts, our gun licensing laws were successfully updated last month when Governor Baker signed H.5163. 



More guns than people in the USA

America has more guns than people.

A small arms survey reported that citizens own 393 million guns. But it hasn’t always been this way – read John Hopkins history of guns in America.


In the News:

  • Texas has more fatal road rage shootings than any other state.
  • New survey finds Americans want stricter gun laws.
  • It takes 2 weeks for the ATF to process a routine gun trace.
  • Researchers say mental illness is not a useful predictor of gun violence.




Massachusetts Votes

Hey Massachusetts!

Do you have a Voting Plan? 

Application deadlines are approaching for mail-in ballots to vote in the September 6th primaries: Due by 5pm, on Mon. AUG 29

For the November 8th general election:Mail in ballot applications are due by 5pm Tues. NOV 1st

In the News:

  • Gun sales hit record highs during pandemic years in Massachusetts.
  • Cities like Boston build public safety with community-based programs.
  • Community outreach at National night out by Boston Police.
  • The ATF reviews 1990’s Boston’s Operation Ceasefire for Baltimore.
  • Congressional House bill proposes a 20% tax on sales of assault weapons


Back to School creates safety anxieties

The meaning of gun violence by a child in Boston, artist unknown

In the News:

  • Back to school brings fear and anxiety over safety.
  • A North Carolina sheriff stocking schools with AR-rifles in response to Uvalde.
  • Texas schools were already hardened and it didn’t help Uvalde.
  • Alex Jones concedes in trial that the Sandy Hook school shooting was real.
  • Bulletproof steel shelters sold as a solution to school shootings.

Governor Baker signs H.5163, an Act to improve and modernize the judiciary information technology systems that includes an update on language for gun licensing. 


Massachusetts legislators respond to SCOTUS ruling

After an extended legislative session, a compromise proposal was reached to update the Massachusetts gun licensing law in response to SCOTUS ruling on the Bruen case. It was sent to the Governor’s desk Monday morning.

In the News:

  • Understanding the SCOTUS ruling on New York Bruen case.
  • States with the strongest gun laws report LESS crime guns traced by the ATF.
  • Congressional House passes the Assault Weapons ban.
  • The gun industry’s aggressive fear tactics marketing has proven deadly.