Gun Reform Update: March For Our Lives

A year ago, we joined the March For Our Lives protest with students in Washington D.C. and across the nation. Since then, Stop Handgun Violence has continued to support the youth in the region to strengthen their activism for gun violence prevention.

What’s ahead:

  • March 28 (Thur) MVP Peace Award night in Wellesley.
  • April 3 (Wed) Extreme Risk Protective Order overview in Hyannis.
  • April 6 (Sat) Operation Liptstick Grand Opening in Boston.
  • April 25 (Thur) Support Stop Handgun Violence at the 91% private screening with film director, John Richie, Survivor Judi Richardson and founder John Rosenthal.

Across Our Nation

A year after Parkland, Gabby Giffords chats with David Hogg on what’s next.

Studies confirm strong gun laws save lives.

Guns on college campuses on the rise.

Federal prosecutors crack down on domestic abusers keeping guns.

Active-shooter drills are big business.

Recent study shows more school-aged children die from guns than on-duty officers or military.

New Zealand gun owners voluntarily handing in semi-automatic weapons to police.

New Zealand announces ban on military and semi-automatic weapons.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Manuel and Patricia Oliver speak to UMass Amherst students on their activism work.

Connecticut passes gun storage bill.

In Rhode Island, a Las Vegas shooting survivor testifies in support of the state’s gun reform bills.

At San Francisco International Airport, a loaded magazine clears security.

In Florida, nine men stage Operation Hunger Strike to end gun violence in Miami.

Indiana teachers shot with pellets during an active-shooter drill.

Schools in Maryland lockdown after a double-shooting.

New Mexico will seize guns on domestic abuse cases.

Broadway show ‘Oklahoma’ will donate to destroy illegal guns taken off the streets.

The Gun Industry Rounds

NRA in New Zealand considers changing its’ name.

A year later, the NRA still holds a grudge against CNN for Parkland Town Hall.

The NRA looks weakened, but maybe not.