A month of gun violence

Gun Violence in Massachusetts

As the death and injury count rise, we see this list as more than data. Each victim is a family member, a friend and a child to a grieving parent.

  • In Revere, Yaseen Butt 20-years old was shot and killed.
  • In Stoughton, Christian Vines 17-years old was shot and killed.
  • In Kentucky, armed gun-rights group march at anti-racism protests.
  • Hollander, who murdered a NJ federal judge’s son and injured her husband, had a hit list of a dozen+ targets.
  • New York state senate passes Untraceable Firearms Act.
  • Weekend gun violence in Philadelphia results in a dozen injured and 4 dead.
  • In Austin, an armed protestor shot dead.
  • Remington Arms files for bankruptcy, again.


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