75% of school shooters use a family member’s gun.

The 15-year-old boy is being charged as an adult for terrorism and first-degree murder in connection with the Oxford school shooting that left at least four students dead and several injured.

? Tate Myre, 16

? Hana St. Juliana, 14

? Madisyn Baldwin, 17

? Justin Schilling, 17

After a warrant for the parents‘ arrest, police found them in a commercial building that houses artwork. They are being held on $1M bond.

In the News:

  • Police removed 40 firearms and nearly 20k rounds of ammunition after a domestic violence assault by former CEO of Southcoast Hospitals Group.
  • Court upholds California’s Assault Weapons Ban.
  • 13-yr old arrested for fatally shooting his sister and trafficking ghost guns in Atlanta.
  • In New York, a 17-year old student arrested with ghost gun at his school.
  • In Pennsylvania, a video reveals 19-year old had his hands up before police fatally shot him.
  • Rittenhouse interview on a right-wing podcast; “Killing two people is nothing to be congratulated.”
  • Recent poll shows gun owners support for gun safety laws.