Happy Anniversary to Stop Handgun Violence!

We’re celebrating 27 years as one of the primary advocates for gun violence prevention in Massachusetts.

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We count on supporters like you who have joined our mission for gun violence prevention! Since founding SHV in 1994, Massachusetts has seen the benefits of stronger gun laws and now ranks the lowest gun deaths rate and lowest gun-related costs in our country.

We’ve worked tirelessly to reduce gun violence through public awareness (like our billboards pictured above), education (like our advocacy tool kit), passing strong gun laws and partnerships with the business community, law enforcement and community organizations.
But we’re not done. This year, SHV advocated for the Act to Prevent Mass Shootings that would limit manufacturing of weapons already banned from being sold in the state. A few months later, Smith & Wesson announced a relocation of their semi-automatic manufacturing operations to Tennessee citing our bill.

Our work has made a difference to prevent and reduce gun violence in Massachusetts. But there’s still more to do and your help is needed to keep us going.

THANK YOU for Giving Today!

The SHV Team

Our first billboard facing the Mass Pike in 1994