Concert Across America 2020

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In the News:

  • After 6 weeks of silence, Governor Baker calls on legislators to move on a Police Reform bill.
  • Father of two died after being shot outside his home in Lowell.
  • Two Los Angeles county sheriff deputies shot in their vehicles.
  • A Black student attending a zoom class in Colorado Springs was reported to police for playing with a toy gun.
  • In Florida, Stand Your Ground Laws used in defense of a counter-protestor raising his gun at protestors.
  • Joaquin Oliver is featured as a cutout for gun violence awareness at MLB games!
  • An argument for the Extreme Risk Protective Order in Maine for National Suicide Awareness.
  • In Ohio, a woman falsely reports to the police a Black man holding a gun, but it was his phone.
  • Oregon residents in evacuation zones are threatening people with guns.
  • A 13-year old autistic child was shot dead in Utah by police.
  • Richmond, Virginia city council approved banning guns at protests and Arlington county vote to ban guns at parks and government buildings.
Did you know that 93% of Black Lives Matter protests across the country have been peaceful?


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