Stop Handgun Violence Responds to Foxborough Murder Suicide

Boston, MA – In response to the murder suicide of a father and young boy in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Stop Handgun Violence founder, John Rosenthal, made the following statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the young boy’s family as they grieve this incredible loss of life. Unfortunately, we know all too well that guns and domestic violence are a lethal mix. When a gun is used in a domestic violence assault, a victim is 12 times more likely to die than when other weapons are used. 

“While we are thankful that the Foxborough Police did everything they could to prevent Mr. Scaccia from purchasing a weapon earlier this year, we are disappointed that illegal guns remain accessible in Massachusetts. While we are still waiting for details on how Mr. Scaccia gained access to a firearm, we know that 2/3 of guns used in crime in Massachusetts originate from purchases outside the state, where many sales are conducted without a background check.” 





Stop Handgun Violence (SHV) is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization committed to the prevention of gun violence through education, public awareness, effective law enforcement and common sense gun laws. SHV has been the lead advocate in Massachusetts for enactment of the most effective gun violence prevention laws and first in the nation consumer protection regulations. The organization does not seek to restrict Constitutional rights, but advocates only for common sense legislation that will help save lives. For more information, go to