Gun Reform Update: Action Alert!

It’s time to mobilize! Your help is needed to secure co-sponsors this week for two critcal pieces of gun safety legislation for Massachusetts. Please click here for more information.

What’s ahead:

  • Now – April 27th Exhibit: “Guns: Loaded Conversations” at New England Quilt Museum.
  • Feb 14 (Thursday) MSD New England Alumni candlelight vigil for Parkland
  • Mar 1 (Friday) MA Coaltion for Gun Violence Prevention submission deadline for open Director position.
  • Mar 28 (Thursday) MA Coalition to Prevent GV Peace MVP Award

Gun Violence Prevention Across the Nation

The rising cost of treating gun violence at hospitals nearly one billion a year.

Parkland students and Giffords host nationwide town halls to support HR8.

Center for American Progress releases a message targeting Congress to pass gun safety reform.

As gun violence increases, more churches want armed security.

Massachusetts and Other States

Massachusetts students are found to be more engaged in civics and politics post-Parkland.

Boston Police Commissioner introduces a bill to curb gun violence.

Ex-New York police commander of state gun licensing bureau gave licenses to Trump and his son without proper credentials.

Florida suffers another mass shooting at a bank in Sebring.

In Louisiana, 5 dead and the shooter arrested in Virginia.

In Missouri, a deadly game of Russian roulette ends a life.

The Las Vegas shooter’s guns will be destroyed with funds from an anonymous donor.

A Pennsylvania bar shooting leaves four people dead.

In Washington, several county sheriffs will not enforce new gun laws; claiming 2nd amendment rights.

Proposed insurance to benefit gun violence victims has early support in Washington.

The NRA Rounds

The Supreme Court will hear a firearms transportation case for NY gun owner rights, backed by the NRA.

The NRA now officially part of the Mueller investigation.

There are shadows on the gun industry.

How the NRA suppressed gun violence research.

The NRA seeks to challenge two California gun laws.