Gun Reform Update: Honor With Action

As Virginia Beach recovers from another mass shooting, we recognize the victims, their families and another community in trauma. We choose action to honor their lives and the over 100 Americans taken by gun violence everyday.

  • We supported March For Our Lives: Boston students share their Wear Orange message,”This Is America”, for Gun Violence Awareness month.
  • We lobbied on the Hill with March For Our Lives: MA for a Crime Data Analysis bill.


You’re invited to join us this weekend with the Back Bay Ringers! They’ll perform three concerts in greater Boston with proceeds raised to benefit Stop Handgun Violence.

Wear Orange all month long!

  • June 6 (Thu) Gun Violence Awareness Proclamation in Boston.
  • June 7 (Fri) Wear Orange Proclamation in Gloucester.
  • June 7 (Fri) Wear Orange Proclamation Salem.
  • June 7 (Fri) Wear Orange in Holyoke.
  • June 8 (Sat) Boston Pride Parade #DisarmHate
  • ​June 8 (Sat) Cambridge Police host gun buy-back.
  • June 8 (Sat) Wear Orange in Boston at Lena Park.
  • June 8 (Sat) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Cambridge.
  • June 9 (Sun) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Wellesley.
  • June 14 (Fri) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Boston.
  • June 15 (Sat) Newton Police host gun buy-back.
  • June 15 (Sat) Guns Down author book signing in Boston.
  • June 16 (Sun) Father’s Day Peace Walk in Brockton.
  • June 18 (Tue) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence quarterly meeting hosted with Operation Lipstick.
  • June 22 (Sat) Watertown Police host gun buy-back.
  • June 22 (Sat) North Shore Pride parade #DisarmHate
  • June 29 (Sat) Arlington Police host gun buy-back.

Reserve your tickets now for our 25th Celebration on October 24, 2019

Across Our Nation

Facts on gun silencers and the risk they impose to public safety.

How ‘Open Carry’ normalizes guns present in society.

Steve Kerr advocates for gun control and urges people to vote at the NBA finals.

Dick’s Sporting Goods sees no loss after decision to stop selling assault weapons.

Software company, says ‘No’ to clients selling semiautomatic firearms.

More children killed by guns since Sandy Hook than U.S. combat soldiers since 9/11.

University of Texas study shows easy access to guns, not mental health, may be the cause.

Former President Obama addresses conference, “Our gun laws don’t make sense.”

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Greg Gibson, a gun owner, shares his story as a gun violence survivor.

In Connecticut, Waterbury police seize 3D-printed gun.

Oxford County, Maine approves town resolution for Second Amendment Sanctuary designation.

A California company develops bullet-proof hoodies in response to rampant gun violence.

Parkland Florida Deputy charged for inaction in 2018 mass shooting.

Illinois House approves bill to fingerprint gun owners.

An Indiana teen built ghost gun with online parts.

Baltimore remembers 12 students struck down by gun violence at graduation.

In Mississippi, a campground manager is fired after brandishing a gun on a Black couple picnicking.

Nevada Senate passes an Extreme Risk Protective Order and Bump Stock ban.

An amusement park in Pennsylvania removes personalized bullets after a complaint.

70 guns valued at $1 million stolen from a South Carolina home.

Another mass shooting in Virginia; 11 dead and six injured victims.

The Virginia House had rejected several gun reform bills earlier this year in January.

The Gun Industry Rounds

After 38 years, Ackerman McQueen terminates NRA contract and cites chaos within the Gun Lobby.

The future of NRAtv uncertain after Ad Agency cuts ties with the NRA.

Guns Down America pens an open letter to Advertising companies to boycott the NRA.

NRA board member resigns amid internal turmoil.

Remington furloughs 500 employees for the summer.

Follow the money – Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer paid $270,000.