Gun Reform Update: Make a plan to vote

In case you missed it, Stop Handgun Violence unveiled a new billboard designed by Change The Ref in Boston. Many advocates, activists and elected officials were with us to amplify the message of “Gun Laws Save Lives.” Read more media coverage here and check out our Facebook page for videos and photos.

What’s ahead:

  • Nov 6 (Tuesday) – March to the polls, it’s Election Day!
  • Dec 5-14th – Annual vigils to end gun violence in Massachusetts and across the country.
  • Dec 12 (Wednesday) – MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence vigil at First Church UU in Boston.

Massachusetts & New England:

Massachusetts continues to lead in gun violence prevention programs among youth.

Shirley man arrested for 47 illegal firearms and home-made silencers.

John Rosenthal, founder of SHV, recognized as a leader in gun violence prevention.

In New Hampshire, a student was shot and injured on Dartmouth campus.

In Rhode Island, incumbents draw on gun violence prevention as one of their top three issues this election.

Across the Nation:

Suburban women polling for more gun control this election.

Parkland students amplify their message to the polls.

A gunman kills 2 and injures several women in a Florida yoga studio.

Gun Violence Prevention groups gain momentum over the NRA this election season.

Parkland parents face a crowded space to fundraise for gun violence prevention.

Fedex ends NRA membership discount.

In New York City, Change The Ref outfits Fearless Girl to Fearful Girl.

In Pittsburgh, surgeons learn from past mass-casualty drills in Las Vegas and Orlando.

In California, Stanford releases research connecting lax gun laws to higher gun-related children deaths.

In Florida, state prosecutor states ‘stand your ground law’ is unconstitutional.