Gun Reform Update: Post Election

Last week, your votes with other advocates resulted in a major victory for gun safety. But we were overshadowed by another mass shooting, and the daily toll of gun violence in our urban communities. In their memory, we press onward and look ahead to advocate for meaningful Federal legislation.

What’s ahead:

  • Nov 19 (Monday) – LDB Peace Institute Survivor Awareness opening ceremony in Boston.
  • Dec 5-14th – Several annual vigils to end gun violence in Massachusetts and across the country.
  • Dec 12 (Wednesday) – MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence vigil in Boston.


Gun safety wins the House in the midterm elections.

Gun policy topped as the #4 issue on exit polls last week.

Gun law reform on assault rifles pass in Washington state.

Post Parkland, young voters rally at the polls.

Gun violence prevention a front issue in Pennsylvania elections.

Over 24 NRA-backed candidates lost on election day.

Nancy Pelosi signaled Democrats would pursue universal background checks with new Congress.

Gun Reform Advocates hint at next steps with a House Majority.

Everytown releases 5-point action plan post-election.

Here and Across the Nation:

12 dead at a popular bar for college students in Thousand Oaks, California.

Federal judge had blocked California law banning high capacity magazines.

Thousand Oaks – another mass shooting to be forgotten?

Gun violence a cause of significant stress among young people.

CDC’s new report show homicides by gun violence return to 2006-2007 levels.

Firearm restrictions in Boston and Brookline upheld in the appeals court.

A new bill in New York – pass a social media check before a gun purchase.

Doctors trounce on the NRA’s bullying with #thisismylane.