Gun Reform Update: Sandy Hook 6th Year Remembrance

We send our love and support to the Newtown, CT community as they remember the horrific shooting that happened 6 years ago today. Since then, over 200,000 lives have been lost due to gun violence in schools, malls, churches, temples and urban neighborhoods.

In Massachusetts, we have the lowest gun deaths in the country because of our strong gun laws. But we can do better and we must do better. With your donation, we will continue to do the work by sharing our message, educating the community, and advocating for gun law reform in our state and our country. Together, we can save lives.

What’s ahead:

  • Dec 5-14th – Several annual vigils to end gun violence in Massachusetts and across the country.
  • Dec 14 (Friday) – Gun Violence Remembrance at First Baptist Church in Hyannis.
  • Dec 15 (Saturday) – New Hampshire Gun Violence Prevention Summit hosted by Granite State Progress.
  • Dec 15 (Saturday) – Annual Goods for Guns Buyback across Worcester County.

Gun Control Across the Nation

At the 6th National Gun Violence Victims Vigil, Nancy Pelosi promises House legislation will be passed with bipartisan support.

Both Everytown and Giffords release their legislative priorities for 116th Congress.

Who does the second amendment really protect?

Black American lives are cut short double the rate because of gun violence.

John Hopkins to launch a free online Gun Violence Prevention class.

Teen suicide prevention does include removing guns from the home.

Dick’s Sporting Goods shutters hunting inventory from 10 stores.

Russian gun rights activist pleads GUILTY.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention and Other States

The 52nd homicide victim in Boston was 19 years old.

NH Londonderry teacher put on paid leave after threatening to shoot a student.

Indiana teen suspect killed at a middle school during an active shooter crisis.

Detroit Michigan city council votes on additional tax for firearm ammunition.

Montana students look to propose a state gun reform bill on Child Access Prevention.

In Oregon, courts return firearm access to a man with mental illness.

Ohio legislatures remove “stand your ground” from self-defense bill.

In Virginia, a man was arrested at Grennsborough HS with firearms and a hit list.

The Sutherland Texas shooter’s past convictions should have prevented him from buying guns.

Former Kansas mayor suggests revealing photos of the carnage from mass shootings.

NRA Rounds

NRATV promotes that boys should be trained to attack active shooters at school.

The NRA continues to discredit physicians’ medical expertise; this time pediatricians.

Illegal campaign donations is shown between Trump and the NRA.

The NRA loses again and must remove the iconic Chicago Bean from their ads after lawsuit settlement.

A declining industry for guns will ultimately hurt the NRA.

An NRA instructor in Ohio is accused of forging firearm training certificates.