Gun Reform Update: Tree of Life Synagogue

Another horrific mass shooting and we grieve again. After reading our public response to the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue, please make a plan to vote and remind your friends and family to vote. Lives depend on it.

What’s ahead:

  • Oct 30 (Tuesday) – Volunteer with SHV to Get Out the Vote in Cambridge.
  • Nov 1 (Thursday) – SHV and Change The Ref billboard unveiling ceremony in Boston.
  • Nov 2 (Friday) – Last day for early voting in Massachusetts.
  • Nov 6 (Tuesday) – March to Vote on Election Day!
Massachusetts & New England:

Boston vigil draws over a thousand for victims and solidarity of another mass shooting.

Reframing gun violence as a public health issue at Boston University School of Public Health.

Congresswoman Katherine Clark plans to reintroduce legislation banning animal abusers from owning firearms.

In Connecticut, Yale University endowment won’t invest in sale or marketing of assault weapons.

In Rhode Island, Gun Safety Task Force recommends limiting purchases on large magazines

Across the Nation:

After a week of gun violence and pipe bombs, the country remains divided.

Warrior’s coach, Steve Kerr, decries gun violence after Pittsburgh shooting and urges voting.

Watch this young student share her advocacy effort for gun law reform in Pennsylvania.

Research data concludes a correlation of U.S. mass shootings to the Federal Assault Weapons ban of 1994-2004.

Pediatrics identify opportunities to reduce adolescent suicide by firearm risk.

Social media campaign by GunsDown to keep guns out of polling locations.

Time Magazine publishes project on guns and a search for common ground.

In North Carolina, a student died after being shot by another student.

In Kentucky, two are shot dead at a Kroger’s grocery store.

In Montana, Missoula city bans firearms in several public spaces.

In New Jersey, Rutgers University receives funding for gun violence research.

In Florida, fishermen arm themselves to highlight open carry rights.

The Gun Industry and NRA:

Six GOP candidates refused NRA campaign donations.

Remington settled a class action suit on faulty triggers.