Gun Reform Update: #VoteforGunSafety

In case you haven’t been paying attention, your vote matters! Be an informed voter at the polls and check how your local state representative or senator voted in the last session for gun law reform.

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Upcoming events:

  • Oct 24 (Wednesday) – The Peace Abbey Victims of Violence Stonewalk in Boston.
  • Oct 29 (Monday) – SHV speaks on Gun Violence Prevention panel at Tufts University.
  • Oct 30 (Tuesday) – Help SHV Get Out the Vote in Cambridge.
  • Oct 30 (Tuesday) – Student panel on Gun Violence at Emerson College.
  • Nov 1 (Thursday) – SHV and Change The Ref billboard public unveiling ceremony in Boston.
  • Nov 2 (Friday) – Last day for early voting.  


The Brady Center sues online gun retailer Armslist on behalf of a Boston police officer.

Boston Mayor Walsh wants stronger gun laws to combat illegal guns.

Everytown gives endorsement for governor and Giffords endorses for the 3rd District Representative in Massachusetts.

Stop Handgun Violence is honored by Boston University School of Public Health with “Beyond Health Award” at annual gala.

Across the Nation:

Parkland Survivor, Manuel Oliver, wants America to vote out the NRA influence.

GVP groups are endorsing Republican candidates and some activists are turned off. 

This boy scout wants NRA lobbying out of scouting.

Students at a D.C. summit ratify a Students’ Bill of Rights for School Safety

In Florida, the lethal impact of “Stand Your Ground” law.

In Tennessee, a gun threat is reported at a school every 3 days.

In Oregon, the Brady Center and Cohen Milstein announce a landmark settlement against internet and retail gun dealers. 

Levi Strauss credits increased sales to its corporate activism to reduce gun violence.

The Gun Lobby & Industry:

Gun manufacturers have received over $19 million in state subsidies over the last 5 years.

When kids pull the trigger, gun owners are not responsible says the NRA.