Gun Safety America


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On Our Calendar

  • Feb 1 (Sat) Moms Demand Action statewide meeting
  • Feb 28 (Fri) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Legislative breakfast

Gun Control and Prevention in the States

  • Massachusetts bill would allow doctors to ask patients about firearm safety.
  • Boston gun buyback donates firearms to create gardening tools.
  • New Jersey gun laws can’t stop imports of illegal guns.
  • A child, just shy of his 2nd birthday, shot and killed in Dallas.
  • Texas church shooter should never had access to a gun.
  • Washington man admits to killing his wife to the NRA.
  • The 10 biggest social movements in 2010’s for Washington state.

National News & The Gun Industry

  • America needs a public health approach to gun violence.
  • New database funded by the U.S. Dept of Justice finds commonalities among mass shootings.
  • Poll for a National ban on assault weapons shows a 67% support.