We remain steadfast in advocating for gun law reform.

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WATCH: SHV Founder, John Rosenthal, speaks on the current status of gun law reform for the country after multiple high-profile mass shootings.

On our Newsfeed:

  • Massachusetts proves that we don’t have to live with mass shootings.
  • Community members and leaders debate on the ongoing gun violence in Springfield.
  • In Maryland, a shooter kills four before killing himself.
  • Two dead, eight injured at Virginia Beach.
  • Lawmakers rehash arguments for gun control.
  • The White House response to gun violence frustrates victim families.
  • Congressman Mike Thompson reviews the benefits of the Background Checks Expansion Act 2021.
  • Five key facts about gun violence.
  • How the U.S. compares to the World on gun violence deaths.
  • Neither the NRA, nor Wayne LaPierre have made policy statements about the deadly shootings in Georgia and Colorado.

We celebrate Community Justice Action Fund’s win on successfully advocating for funding directives to address gun violence in communities of color.  CONGRATS!!