Gun violence in Kenosha

Police Violence + Armed Vigilante = Death in Kenosha

Jacob Blake, another victim of violence by police, is paralyzed after being shot in the back several times by an officer. To make matters worse in Kenosha, three people were shot and two died at a Black Lives Matter protest. The assailant was a 17-year old white male, who walked away from the scene of the crime even after witnesses informed Kenosha police that he had just shot innocent people. He was eventually arrested and charged with murder the following day. Sadly, some are saying shooting protestors is a justified act. But Anthony Huber shouldn’t have had to risk his life to peacefully protest. Armed vigilantes do NOT make us safer.


More News:

  • Unmasked and armed protestors force themselves into Idaho legislation session on Police Immunity – none were harmed or arrested.
  • Charlestown man charged with gun trafficking from straw purchases in NH.
  • In Maine, a teen accessed an unsecured gun and killed himself during a video chat.
  • Parkland survivor Emma Gonzales spoke on the epidemic of gun violence in our country.
  • Happy to report that NRA membership and revenue down in 2019, marking a 7-year low.

Shootings in Boston are up 29% from a year ago.