Happy New Year!

THANKS TO ALL who donated to our 2021 year end appeal

We’re grateful that so many of you remain committed to our cause. With your financial support, we’ll continue to do the life-saving work of gun violence prevention and awareness.


Aylee Gordon was only 3 yrs old when she accessed an unsecured gun in a car and shot herself on Christmas Day.

SHV and 80% of Americans support federal firearm safe storage laws, like the ones we have in Massachusetts. Which is why we support Ethan’s Law, which would give federal agencies an opportunity to dramatically shift attitudes towards firearm safety and prevent many parents from losing their children to school shootings, unintentional shootings, gun suicides, and interpersonal violence in communities of color.


In the News:

  • Boston was one of eight cities that trended down on shootings and homicides in 2021 compared to most of the country.
  • In 2021, Springfield police seized 254 illegal firearms.
  • 14 yr old teen shot dead in the crossfires of Los Angeles police in a department store.
  • A man shot over a wrong seat in an Atlanta movie theatre.
  • Manchester, NH police searching for teens who shot a driver and pedestrian with BB guns.
  • In Pennsylvania, a high school mass shooting averted before Christmas.
  • Capitol police given authority to call the National Guard as a result of Jan 6th insurrection.