Did you know on average, there are more than 6,000 Veteran suicides each year?

That is why we worked to pass the Massachusetts Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law. ERPOs can be a safety planning tool for advocates working with veterans and military family members  who are worried about their loved ones safety due to access to a firearm.

Learn more at www.maerpo.org

In the News:

  • Connecticut man sentenced for stealing 17 guns from a Springfield, MA gun shop.
  • Colorado gun shop owner shoots and kills his family before himself.
  • Teen in Georgia shot at a bus stop on life support.
  • Gun owners agree on storage, background checks and responsibility.
  • New legislation filed in Congress to close the purchase loophole in response to the Colorado King Sooper mass shooting.
  • The gun industry profits from ongoing and escalating gun violence.
  • Upward trends in firearm purchasing, violence and political extremism are converging.
  • Long-time GVP advocate, Mark Glaze dies at age 51 years.