Since 2014, there have been over 800 firearm homicides in Massachusetts. Nationally, during the same time period, there are almost 120,000 firearm homicide victims. Despite this massive loss of life, the gun industry has rarely been held accountable for creating and marketing these weapons. However, recent legal actions indicate that the tide is turning. A brighter future lies ahead for victims and survivors wishing to pursue justice in the courts.

Recent legal actions:

  • Tampa police offer is suing Sig Sauer for a faulty firearm.
  • Smith & Wesson must fully comply with investigative subpoena in NJ Supreme Court.
  • Remington offers $33 million settlement to Sandy Hook victim families.
  • A lawsuit, filed on behalf of the families of 4 victims of the Oregon District tragedy against Kyung Chang Industry.
  • Mexico sues gun manufacturers for trafficking.
  • FEC investigates NRA and affiliates for federal election law violations.
  • President Biden and State AG’s seek ways to hold gun dealers and manufacturers accountable for gun crimes.

Our Work Continues

Safe and accessible voting booths are essential for a healthy democracy. ALL Americans must be able to #VoteWithoutFear. We support this federal legislation, HR.4722, to keep firearms away from election sites and fulfill our promise of democracy.