The House Committee on Oversight and Reform examines the role of gun manufacturers in flooding our communities with weapons of war and fueling America’s gun violence crisis. The Committee sent letters to several companies, including Daniel Defense, LLC, Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., Sturm, Ruger & Company. Smith & Wesson CEO backed out and failed to testify; a subpoena is forthcoming.

In the News:

  • After the SCOTUS Bruen ruling, Massachusetts legislators are working to shore up the state’s licensing laws.
  • Many gun control policies have majority approval among polled Americans.
  • A retired Major who served in the Iraqi war explains the difference between AR15’s in war and in the civilian market.
  • Teachers and students are on the front lines of gun violence at schools.
  • In response to recent mass shootings, Pat Benatar won’t sing her song on stage.

SHV joins the MA Coalitionto Prevent Gun Violence for a lobby day during the final days of Massachusetts legislative session.