Kevin Boyle

Meet Kevin, a Board Member since 2003.

Why did you choose to serve on the Stop Handgun Violence Board?

Concern regarding gun violence in our country. In 2003, gun violence in various Boston neighborhoods was very troubling. I was aware of SHV through John Rosenthal who I knew through a business relationship and asked to join the board. I wanted to be involved in a volunteer activity working to address a community issue.

What is your most memorable Stop Handgun Violence event?

When I first joined, John invited people from Boston’s inner city to a board meeting and it was alarming to hear about the gun violence in Boston neighborhoods. The Concert Across America  was the most significant fundraising event.

How as gun violence personally impacted you?

Having recently relocated to California for work, it is evident that gun violence is a major issue in this state. Just this weekend a police officer killed and a shooting at a festival!

What is your favorite Massachusetts destination?

Home in Orleans – place to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of Nauset Beach.

Celebrate Kevin’s work to end gun violence and join us at our 25th anniversary party on October 24, 2019.