The CDC released its’ 2019 data and we’re proud to see Massachusetts at the bottom of the list. Read more about our Massachusetts model for gun violence reduction and prevention here.

In the News:

  • Amber Ward tells her story as a trauma survivor from a drive-by shooting in Springfield.
  • Woman shot dead at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boston.
  • Maryland lawmakers override Governor Hogan’s veto on background checks for private gun sales.
  • Selfies with guns on a New York party bus attracts NYPD’s attention.
  • A mass shooting in Philadelphia injures 8 people.
  • Ethan’s Law for safe gun storage expected to pass in Congress.
  • New York Congresswoman Malone introduces the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act.
  • Three years after the Parkland shooting, President Biden advocates for gun law reform.
  • The NRA owes over $3M in taxes and penalties.
  • A class action suit in Canada against Smith & Wesson moves forward.
  • 3D printed guns are becoming more accessible and lethal.


  • #reachout is a media campaign to get crisis resources into communities hardest-hit by gun violence.
  • #ban3Dguns is our email petition to pressure Congress to ban 3D-printed guns.
  • #shamecards are postcards by Change the Ref sent to Congress to take action on gun law reform.