Meet Oedipus, a founding Board Member.

How many years have you served on the Stop Handgun Violence Board?

Since its inception [1994].

Why did you choose to serve on the Stop Handgun Violence Board?

Common sense to curb gun violence, a national health emergency.

What is your most memorable Stop Handgun Violence campaign?

Creating a CD while programming WBCN that raised over $200K for SHV. Also, the walk from sportscaster extraordinaire Bob Lobel’s house to mine to raise awareness about SHV and sensible gun laws.

Has gun violence personally impacted you?

I prefer to live abroad where it is safer.

What’s your favorite Massachusetts destination?


Fun fact:

Toured Japan with David Bowie. 

Celebrate Oedipus work to end gun violence and join us at our 25th Anniversary party on October 24, 2019.