SHV Applauds President Biden’s Executive Orders on Gun Violence

Stop Handgun Violence (SHV), a Massachusetts based non-profit organization committed to preventing gun violence, today endorsed the executive actions taken by President Biden on gun violence.

“We applaud President Biden’s gun violence prevention leadership” said John Rosenthal, founder of Stop Handgun Violence. “The president has been a leader on this issue for decades, and his new executive orders will help reduce gun related injuries, deaths and crimes. We also applaud his nomination of David Chipman as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives. His experience and depth of knowledge as a 25-year veteran of the ATF is remarkable. Having worked with David on this issue for the last several years, he certainly knows where crime guns are coming from and how to stop the traffic of guns to our communities without infringing on the second amendment.

The President’s actions are a huge win for organizations like Stop Handgun Violence that have worked so hard for federal action, but clearly federal legislation is the next step. We stand with President Biden in our support of universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, closing the Charleston loophole and other laws that would reduce gun injuries and death.

“Urban Massachusetts has proven that you can reduce gun deaths by passing comprehensive gun laws. If every state replicated our gun laws and had the same gun death rate as we do, 27,000 lives would be saved each year. Together we can reduce gun injuries and death in America without banning most guns, and the time for Congress to find its’ backbone and finally stand up for public safety and Americans vs the special interest gun lobby is now.”