Stop Handgun Violence Founder Calls on President Donald Trump to Rebuke, NOT Support the NRA’s Extremist Agenda

April 27, 2017

Stop Handgun Violence founder calls on President Donald Trump to rebuke, NOT support the National Rifle Association’s extremist agenda

Boston, MA – President Donald Trump will speak Friday to NRA members at their national convention in Atlanta. He will be the first president in thirty-four years to do so. This follows the NRA’s $30 million in donations to his presidential campaign. With over 36,000 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2015 and more Americans killed by guns over the past 30 years than all U.S. service men and women killed in all foreign wars combined, John Rosenthal, founder of Stop Handgun Violence called on President Trump to rebuke, rather than support the dangerous policies of the gun lobby.

“The gun lobby’s dangerous agenda of more guns in the hands of dangerous people without detection should not be embraced by our president.” Rosenthal said. “President Trump’s appearance at their convention is a clear sign to the American people that the President cares more about the NRA’s special interest blood money campaign contributions and gun industry profits than the public health and safety of the American people.”

“Like many American’s, I have been victim to the NRA’s aggressive hateful agenda,” said Mr. Rosenthal, referring to an anti-Semitic social media rant by NRA Board Member Ted Nugent that pictured Mr. Rosenthal with other public figures who work in the gun violence prevention arena and encouraging his armed supporters to “shut them down”. “Rather than pander to the NRA’s dangerous agenda of hate, fear, prejudice and unrestricted access to guns, the President should work to increase public safety by supporting commonsense criminal background checks for all gun sales and other law enforcement supported efforts which make it harder, not easier, for criminals, terrorists and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns without detection.” Here are 13 more repulsive comments that Ted Nugent should apologize for.