Vote with Your Wallet!

Last night, in a rousing speech to gun safety advocates, John Rosenthal renewed his call to boycott the companies that are owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Cerberus owns the Freedom Group, which includes gun manufacturers Bushmaster and Remington; this represents about 20% of the gun industry. You can watch a video of his full speech below.

Cerberus owns the following:

Shaw’s, Star Market, OSCO Drug, ACME, Jewel, and Steward Healthcare (owner of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital).

We have HAD IT with this funding of the hateful gun lobby, so we will be boycotting Cerberus and their bread, butter, Bushmasters, bullets, and bandages!

Please print out this letter and give it to the manager at your local Shaw’s and Star Market stores. Together, we can defeat the gun industry with our wallets. Thank you for your support!

Letter to Shaws and Star Market