Stop Handgun Violence Response to Oxford High School Shooting

Today, news of another mass shooting broke. According to the Gun Violence Archive this is the 651st mass shooting with four or more victims this year.  The details of this horrific incident are continuing to emerge, but initial reports indicate that the gunman was just 15 years old and was able to access a firearm to murder his classmates.

In Michigan, gun owners are not required to keep their firearms locked and unloaded to prevent children from accessing their firearms.  In addition, there are no extreme risk protection orders to remove firearms from individuals in crisis and no restrictions on high-capacity magazines.

“While the details of this horrific massacre continue to emerge, our hearts and thoughts are with victims of this attack and the Oxford High School community” said John Rosenthal, founder and chairman of Stop Handgun Violence. “While the shooter’s motives are still unclear, one thing is blatantly obvious: The time for action is now. The gun lobby’s unconscionable priority of guns over lives has disastrous consequences. Over 90 Americans die each day due to gun violence, including a mass shooting of four or more every day. Unrestricted access to firearms in this country, including access for children, is a dangerous policy with dangerous consequences.”