Join us in supporting Attorney General Healey


This week, Attorney General  Maura Healey has faced heavy pushback including sexist and homophobic slurs after announcing on July 20 that she would enforce the assault weapons ban in Massachusetts. “We will do everything we can to prevent the kinds of tragedies here that have occurred in places like Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown and Aurora,” Healey said during her announcement. With 116,864 victims of gun violence since Sandy Hook, this kind of law enforcement is needed more than ever.

Healey’s notice clarified that any weapon with a similar internal operating system to a banned name brand assault weapon is likewise banned. We are proud that Attorney General Healey is taking a stand against all combat-style weapons, regardless of minor differences or industrial red tape.

We hope you will show your support by signing this thank-you letter to Attorney Gen. Healey. Also, you can add your name to this petition, which calls on Governor Charlie Baker to support Attorney Gen. Healey’s actions.