There’s still time to call your legislator…

It’s not too late to call your MA Representative and Senator to tell them you support Crime Gun Data Reporting & Analysis.

Find your MA state legislator here.

Local & State News

  • Springfield youth express their concerns over gun violence.
  • Gabby Giffords is honored at UTEC’s 20 anniversary gala.
  • After a decade, a gun law in Philadelphia is now enforced.
  • Tennessee youth continue conversations on gun violence after headlines fade.
  • Texas collides over gun measures.
  • Virgina elections a result of the General Assembly’s special session on gun violence.
  • University of Virginia cancels 21-gun parade salute because of gun violence trigger.

National Gun Reform & The Gun Industry

  • President Trump abandons ideas to prevent gun violence.
  • Suicide screening by doctors could help stem suicide rate.
  • A Secret Service study showed school attackers exhibited warning signs.
  • A pediatric study reports doctors are less likely to ask about safe gun storage.
  • Supreme Court rules in favor of Newtown victim families.
  • The NRA’s big loss in Virginia explained.
  • The NRA Foundation is raising funds by auctioning off guns in schools.

On Our Calendar

  • Nov 18 (Mon) Gun Violence Panel in Needham.
  • Nov 14 (Thu) Maine Gun Safety Coalition Fitzgerald Award in Portland.
  • Nov 16 (Sat) 91% Screening hosted by Grandmothers Against Gun Violence in Cape Cod.
  • Nov 18 (Mon) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence quarterly meeting.
  • Nov 22 (Fri) LDB Peace Institute Victims Awareness Month opening ceremony.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Boston annual vigil to end gun violence.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Screening Parkland Rising documentary in Brookline.