TODAY: House votes on the Protecting Our Kids Act

TODAY: The U.S. House will vote on the Protecting Our Kids Act which raises the purchase age of firearms and requires safe storage.

In the Senate, members are still working on a bipartisan compromise on background checks. Tell you Senator you support background checks for all gun sales.


More News:

  • House Democrats plan to introduce a bill to tax AR15’s 1,000% excise tax.
  • Senator Manchin wants to raise the age to 21 on gun purchases.
  • Representative Kinzinger open to banning AR15s.
  • Senator Murphy remains hopeful for a bipartisan gun reform bill by the end of the week.
  • What can be done to curb gun violence in America?
  • Washington Post Opinion: solutions to gun violence that could work. “No proposed reform alone will stop our gun violence epidemic. But together they can make a serious impact.”
  • The Uvalde shooter legally bought two AR15’s in Texas; but not old enough to buy a beer.
  • New York Governor signs gun reform bills to law; includes raise the age to 21.

On our calendar:

  • Saturday, June 11 in Boston with Boston MFOL; 3pm rally at Christopher Columbus Park 100 Atlantic Ave.
  • Sunday, June 12th at Gloucester Stage, John Rosenthal post-performance talk back.
  • Tuesday, June 14 at the Airport rotary in Hyannis; 11:30am rally with Grandmothers Against Gun Violence
  • Thursday, June 16 at Fenway Park; John Rosenthal will join Gabby Giffords as she throws out the first pitch.