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  • John Rosenthal sets the record straight on what’s at stake this election. Spoiler alert- it’s NOT gun ownership.
  • 71% of college students plan to VOTE this year.
  • Tufts University is on a mission to maximize student turnout amid COVID this November.

Local News and Beyond:

  • Natick Police is hosting a gun buyback this Saturday, September 12th.
  • Eight injured by gun violence in Boston over Labor Day weekend.
  • Governor Baker urged to reopen cases of men fatally shot by MA police.
  • Federal Judge upholds California’s ban on open carry in public.
  • Louisiana lawmaker threatens to shoot Black Lives Matter protestors.
  • Portland, Maine Police Chief tells protestors to leave your guns at home.
  • In Minnesota, two men from Boogaloo are charged with terrorism.
  • New Jersey’s ban on large magazines upheld by the Federal Court.
  • Tell-all book by Joshua Powell, NRA’s former #2 man, supports gun control.
  • FBI background checks exceeds 3 million in August; overwhelming the NICS system.