Gun Reform Update: Gone Boy

Sponsor a Student: Since Parkland, 1,200 children have died from gun violence. Support our student activists who are working to change this.


Watch this incredible story of father and author of Gone Boy, Greg Gibson, who teams up with his son’s killer to save lives.



What’s ahead:

  • Mar 1 (Friday) MA Coaltion for Gun Violence Prevention submission deadline for Director position.
  • Mar 7 (Thursday) Moms Demand Action Mother’s Dream Quilt in Lowell.
  • Mar 11 (Monday) Tackling Gun Violence at CitySpace.
  • Mar 23 (Saturday) Operation Lipstick Breakfast Jam
  • Mar 28 (Thursday) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Peace MVP Award night.
  • Apr 3 (Wednesday) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence meeting in Hyannis.

Across Our Nation

In a recent study, nearly every American will know a gun violence victim.

A gun in the house does not make a woman safer.

Speaker Pelosi harps on the President that gun violence is the National Emergency.

Ten years ago, Democratic political campaigns spoke on guns with care.

Most guns used in a school shooting come from a family member.

A researcher reports no progress on gun deaths among children and teens.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention and Other States

How Parkland impacted local Massachusetts gun organizations.

In Massachusetts a Sherborn church display empty desks outside to remember Parkland.

In San Francisco, a medical emergency mistaken for a shooter turns to chaos at a Hamilton show.

A Florida Representative proposes a ban on high-capacity gun magazines.

The Aurora, Illinois shooter’s permit was revoked but he kept his guns.

The Kentucky senate approves NRA sponsored bill, permit-less carry.

Change The Ref unveils their 17th Wall of Demand in New York city.

Watch Emma Gonzales remark on one year after Parkland.

The NRA Rounds

Gun companies turn their backs on smart gun technology.

After Parkland, the NRA is not the same.

Smith and Wesson shareholder report refers to August protest (aka 50 Miles More) as a public media concern.

Did Trump hurt the gun lobby?