Gun Reform Update: One Year After Parkland

We recognize the one year passing of Parkland, and the nearly 40,000 gun violence victims in our country every year. Attend an event near you to honor their lives with action.

What’s ahead:

  • Feb 14 (Thursday) MFOL Springfield hosts a Vigil for their Lives.
  • Feb 14 (Thursday) MSD New England Alumni vigil for Parkland in Boston.
  • Feb 14 (Thursday) Change The Ref unveils last Wall of Demand in NYC.
  • Mar 1 (Friday) MA Coaltion for Gun Violence Prevention submission deadline for Director position.
  • Mar 7 (Thursday) Moms Demand Action Mother’s Dream Quilt showing in Lowell.
  • Mar 28 (Thursday) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Peace MVP Award night.

Gun Violence Prevention Across the Nation

American Outdoors shun the nuns in shareholder report on Smith & Wesson product safety measures.

The House takes one step closer toward passing a Bipartisan Background Check Act, HR8.

Change The Ref founder, Manuel Oliver, explains his paternal reaction at the House Judiciary hearing.

Watch undercover investigators purchase firearms from Arms List without a background check.

Research shows the easy access to guns and gun violence is a stronger link than mental illness.

Reverend Rob Schenck speaks on faith and firearms.

A study shows no advantage to using guns in self-defense.

In America, nearly 2/3 of the population have gun violence related trauma.

Watch Senior Spring: How do teens feel about guns?; created after the Parkland shooting.

Tom’s Shoes #EndGunViolenceTogether campaign arrive in Washington D.C. to deliver 720,000 postcards to Congress.

Massachusetts and Other States:

David Hogg visits Holliston High School to encourage student activism.

The Kennedy Library recognized March For Our Lives students with 2019 New Frontier Award.

In Vermont, a study shows a high youth suicide risk due to guns.

A California mother’s son survived one mass shooting, but not the second.

Florida receives its first passing gun safety report card from Giffords.

Taking on gun control after the Parkland shooting.

Ohio lawmakers consider an Extreme Risk Protective Order bill.

In Pennsylvania, lawmakers consider taxing violent video games to fund school safety.

A Pennsylvania fire chief could be charged for pulling a gun on a boy scout.

Tennessee lawmakers review penalties on gun owners for lack of responsible storage.

Houston, Texas Police Chief provides strong testimony at the House Judiciary Committee hearing in support of universal background checks.

Sutherland Springs, Texas families allowed to sue the store who sold the firearms and ammunition to the shooter.

The NRA Rounds

NRA funded and Trump ally tries to remove Parkland father at House Judiciary hearing.

Emails and photos shows NRA’s presence in Russia.