Gun Reform Update: #Ban3DGuns

Another school shooting in Colorado; several injured, one student dead and a community in trauma. Last week in Boston, four shot and one dead. Honor their lives with action and attend an upcoming event listed below or share our new campaign to ban 3D firearms. Make a difference today.

What’s ahead:

  • May 11 (Sat) Gun GiveBack in southern Maine.
  • May 12 (Sun) Walk with us at the Mother’s Day Peace Walk.
  • June 1 (Sat) Student mural project for Gun Violence Awareness.
  • June 3 (Mon) Lobby day at the State House with March For Our Lives in Boston.
  • June 8 (Sat) Art of Ringing benefit concert for Stop Handgun Violence in Cambridge.
  • June 9 (Sun) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Wellesley.
  • June 10 (Mon) Disarming Memorial Quilts now on display in Arlington.
  • June 15 (Sat) Guns Down author book signing in Boston.

Across Our Nation

Why we should stop 3D printed guns.

Giffords compiles a lengthy list of reported mishandling of guns in schools.

A study shows the mental health of gun owners’ children is at risk.

Senator Feinstein will introduce raising the minimum age to purchase assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Madonna includes Parkland survivor speech sample in a new single.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute is honored for 25 years in the community.

Stop Handgun Violence partners with Arnold in a public awareness campaign to ban 3D firearms.

John Rosenthal highlights universal background checks and ghost gun ban as priorities.

Gloucester father, Greg Gibson, teams up with his son’s killer to emphasize easy access to guns.

A New Hampshire driver is charged in road rage shooting.

Los Angeles, California is being sued by the NRA over new law.

Florida passes bill to arm teachers.

New York passes safe storage in homes with minors.

In Ohio, four shot dead in a suspected hate crime.

A young life sacrificed at University North Carolina- Charlotte shooting.

In Texas, a 12 year-old charged in a shooting death of 10 year-old sibling.

Black students in Texas fear legislation to arm teachers.

In Virginia, a high school student charged for gun in the school.

The Gun Industry Rounds

Shareholders of Sturm, Ruger & Co. demand removal of board officers.

The NRA has internal drama and external pressures.

The NRA elects a new President, Carolyn Meadows.

NRA’s chief executive Wayne LaPierre questioned for extravagant expenses.

Follow the money in the NRA’s mess.

Republican Senators introduce a bill to amend Federal Reserves Act to protect the firearms industry.

Why this Veteran resigned his NRA membership.