Gun Reform Update: A Walk for Peace

We walked for peace on Mother’s Day with hundreds to support Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. We thank them for their work in supporting families after trauma and send heartfelt congratulations for their 25 years of service in the community!

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month:

  • June 1 (Sat) Student mural project for Gun Violence Awareness.
  • June 3 (Mon) Lobby day at the State House with March For Our Lives: Boston.
  • June 5 (Wed) Extreme Risk Protective Order discussion in Hyannis.
  • June 5 (Wed) Private screening “Outside” in Quincy; email for details.
  • June 6 (Thu) Gun Violence Awareness Proclamation at the State House.
  • June 7 (Fri) Gun Violence Awareness Proclamation in Brockton.
  • June 8 (Sat) Wear Orange Summer Slam at Lena Park.
  • June 8 (Sat) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Cambridge.
  • June 9 (Sun) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Wellesley.
  • June 10 (Mon) Disarming Memorial Quilts now on display in Arlington.
  • June 14 (Fri) Art of Ringing benefit concert in Boston.
  • June 15 (Sat) Guns Down author book signing in Boston.
  • June 15 (Sat) Newton Police host gun buy-back.
  • June 22 (Sat) March in North Shore Pride Parade with Moms Demand Action.
  • June 29 (Sat) Arlington Police host gun buy-back.

Across Our Nation

Children are left to their own at school when it comes to gun violence.

The House appropriates funds for gun violence research for the first time in two decades.

Now 228,000 children have experienced gun violence at school.

How to best support your child after a school shooting.

The lockdown drill generation.

More guns in cars result in more guns stolen from cars.

Don’t be defeated after a mass shooting.

Cory Booker shares policy plans on federal gun owners’ licensing.

Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action received death threats instigated by the NRA.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Ten organizations across Massachusetts receive budget funds for gun violence prevention.

Massachusetts tough gun laws are a tradition.

Teen injured from gun shot in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

Residents participate in an active shooter drill training in Sharon, MA.

Police seize over 1,000 firearms in Los Angeles.

San Diego high school student produces video on gun control.

In Colorado, students walk out during a vigil for Stem School victims.

Amid shooting chaos, guard at Stem school may have injured a student.

Florida school districts in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach will not allow armed teachers.

Pennsylvania Attorney General releases report on link between gun violence and mental health.

The Gun Industry Rounds

See the 10 politicians who benefitted the most from NRA funds.

The NRA paved the way to mass shootings.

Remington granted a stay while it prepares to appeal the U.S. Supreme Court.

Representative Schneider calls on the IRS to investigate the NRA.

Gun companies help toy makers design replica guns.