Meet our Board Member

In the weeks leading up to our 25th Anniversary in October we will introduce to you members of the Stop Handgun Violence board of directors. Our organization is honored and privileged to work with such an amazing group of people! Meet Anne, an active Board Member for 2 years. Read more about her here.








Summer Calendar

  • Aug 8 (Thu) Peace Garden & Mural unveiling in Boston.
  • Aug 13 (Tue) March for Our Lives: Boston meeting.
  • Aug 14 (Wed) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence rally.
  • Aug 20 (Tue) Gun Violence Prevention discussion in Worcester.


We are seeking sponsors for our 25th Anniversary Party on October 24, 2019. We’d love to highlight you, your company or organization’s support! Contact us for more information.

Across Our Nation

Facebook lifts ban on spreading 3D printed gun blueprints.

Yale University will study impact of exposure to firearms in domestic violence situations.

A new report on military suicides show 2/3 of suicides among active-duty personnel involved a firearm in the last five years.

Democratic candidates fall short on gun violence on the streets of our cities.

Only 3% of Americans own more than half of the guns in the country.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

The black market for guns is the key to solving a cold case in Portland, Maine.

A local survivor from New Hampshire shares her story after surviving a gun shot from domestic violence.

A property dispute in New Hampshire leads to gun fire.

Some Alabama sheriffs give conceal carry permits without a full background check.

4 dead after a shooting in San Fernando Valley, California.

In Gilroy California, 3 shot dead and 15 injured at the annual garlic festival.

Bulletproof backpacks are selling out in Florida.

One dead, several injured after a shooting at annual festival in Brooklyn, New York.

Cincinnati police return hundreds of legally owned stolen guns that were used in shootings.

Washington D.C. officals make promises on gun trafficking.

The Gun Industry Rounds

The NRA ends its Carry Guard Insurance program.

It’s now Wayne’s world at the NRA.