Who could imagine a firearm manufacturer producing a lethal firearm that purposely looks like a child’s toy?

This is a gun produced at Culper Precision in Utah. The only reason they recently halted production is because they were afraid of legal action from the Lego toy company. Every day, three children die from guns and many more are seriously injured. Stop Handgun Violence helped pass child safety and safe storage laws in Massachusetts almost twenty-five years ago. That is part of the reason why today Massachusetts is ranked #50 in the US for gun deaths per capita. The work of Stop Handgun Violence is a model for the rest of the country. Your donation will help SHV work with other states to enact similar legislation.

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Our work continues:

Stop Handgun Violence is working to prohibit the manufacture of assault weapons in Massachusetts. Selling these weapons is already banned in Massachusetts, but our state continues to export these weapons of war.

Take action to support current Massachusetts legislation: An Act to Stop Mass Shootings.

Gun violence in MA and across the US:

  • An argument between Somerville roommates ends with gunshots.
  • Members of Rise of the Moors face felony charges in Rhode Island.
  • A mass shooting in Arizona wounded 5 people including ambulance crew.
  • In California, a man is arrested with a cache of firearms, ammunition and a racist manifesto.
  • Shooting outside the Nationals Ballpark.
  • Domestic violence organizations worry about rise increase in shelter.