Until Congress enacts national gun safety laws, we’re only as safe or at-risk as the state with the weakest gun laws. 

~John Rosenthal

  • Hawaii bans ghost guns.
  • New gun laws in Maine, including safe storage.
  • New York gun reform include immunity lost to gun manufacturers.
  • Rhode Island enacted 2 new gun safety bills.


In Other News:

  • Man arrested for fatal shooting in Milton, MA.
  • Man from Webster, MA gets probation after accidental fatal shooting of his coworker.
  • Off-duty police shoots and injures unarmed teen in Rhode Island.
  • In Arkansas, a teen holding antifreeze was shot dead by sheriff’s deputy.
  • Victims and survivors of California synagogue’s lawsuit against Smith & Wesson moves forward.
  • In California, a 15-year old shot himself dead with an unsecured gun at a sleepover.
  • New Jersey man arrested for stalking, property damage and weapons charge.
  • Potential mass shooting in Denver prevented ahead of MLB All-Star game.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the DOJ to regulate ghost guns like other firearms.