A message from Stop Handgun Violence

As a non-profit organization working on an intersectional issue, we have a compelling responsibility to address the current protests happening in cities across the Commonwealth and the nation over the weekend.

In this country, we have seen over and over that the ills of our society fall disproportionately on communities of color – including violence, poverty, environmental pollution, and negative health outcomes. Unfortunately, Massachusetts also has a long history of racism and prejudice that remains reflected in several statistics, including the gun violence in our state that has disproportionately hurt communities of color. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has further magnified and intensified existing inequalities.

It is well past time for remedying these inequities. We understand why communities have grown impatient for progress.

Black Americans are 10 times more likely to be murdered by a gun than are White Americans. Unarmed Black civilians are five times more likely to be shot and killed by police than are White civilians. It’s important to recognize and understand these data points, while working toward ending gun violence for all.

With our partners, we have decided to postpone the coalition advocacy day, scheduled for June 2nd, to make room for important conversations about racial inequity.

If you are looking for ways to participate we urge you to join the conversation on Race and Policing this Wednesday hosted by B.U. School of Public Health. Registration is here.