A Supreme Court decision!


In case you missed it, the Supreme Court will not hear any appeals on gun laws, including the challenge to MA assault weapons ban!
  • Protestors in Boston reject Governor Baker’s Police Reform Plan.
  • One of three Kentucky officers involved in killing Breonna Taylor was fired.
  • Waffle House employee shot after telling a customer to wear a mask.
  • Research shows a gun at home creates a greater risk.
  • Police shootings and gun violence statistics in America.
  • Gun violence grows in a pandemic.
  • An uptick in unintentional shooting by children as gun sales soar during the pandemic.

Massachusetts is the only state that requires that all firearms be stored with a locking device in place when the firearms are not in use. The state bars storing or keeping any firearm unless it is secured in a locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device. Read the full law text here.

Join us for the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence 2nd quarterly Zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 30th at 2 PM EST. Special guest Representative Liz Miranda will speak on her new bill, An Act Relative To Saving Black Lives and Transforming Public Safety, part of the 10-point plan for Massachusetts. 


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