Action: Advocate for Safety on March 4th

On Our Calendar

  • Feb 23 (Sun) Harvard Hillel hosts panel, Two Years After Parkland.
  • Feb 28 (Fri) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Legislative breakfast.
  • Mar 4 (Wed) UTEC Safety Lobby Day.
  • Mar 28 (Sat) New England GVP Student Summit – donate to send a student.

Dispatch didn’t hesitate and is the first Gun Safety-Certified music band! Help us spread the word and ask businesses to sign-up here:





Gun Reform News in the States

  • Why we support Senator Warren’s new gun bill.
  • Boston High School senior shot and killed.
  • Gun Safety-Certified is announced in Boston with Parkland survivors.
  • MA Teachers Union supports end to active shooter drills in schools.
  • Gloucester father, Greg Gibson, reminds us Parklandis no anniversary.
  • MGH partners with Emerson to produce gun violence prevention videos.
  • New Hampshire man threatensand shows up armed at former workplace.
  • Alabama woman loses her “Stand Your Ground” hearing.
  • Extreme Risk Protective Order bill reaches New Mexico Governor’sdesk.
  • Pennsylvania judge puts hold on new ghost gun policies.
  • Virginia Senate rejects assault weapons ban.

​​National News & The Gun Industry

  • Change the Ref exposes ‘bad influencers’ on Instagram.
  • Family of slain Chicago police officer sues ArmsList.
  • New York charges NRA for deceptive insurance practices.