February Gun Violence in Massachusetts


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Gun reform and news in the States

  • Road rage in Maine leads to shots fired.
  • New Hampshire man sentenced for gun trafficking in Massachusetts.
  • Alabama lawmaker proposes conceal carry permit database.
  • In Virginia, an armed gun owner stalks a state legislator at his home.
  • A bill in Virginia to help curb suicide by gun advances.
  • In Texas, a high school vice principal left her gun in the bathroom.

​​National News & The Gun Industry

  • CDC opens research grant applications for firearm-related violence.
  • A new study shows higher gun ownership correlates to lethal police force.
  • The silent epidemic of guns in America is suicide.
  • Children in rural regions carry handguns as young as 11 years old.
  • Filmmaker Spike Lee targets the NRA.


February gun violence reported to-date increased 20% from January.

In Boston, incidents have more than doubled. The month is not over yet.