Did you know that assault weapons made in Massachusetts were used in the Parkland school shooting, the Aurora movie theater shooting and many others? This week, we joined with victims of these shootings to ask our state legislators to prohibit the manufacture of assault weapons in our state. These weapons cannot be sold to civilians in our state but have been manufactured here and sold to civilians in other states. BUT we have the power to stop the flow of weapons into other states with the Act to Stop Mass Shootings.

We’re reaching out because there are only a few days left before legislative committees must make decisions about bills and we want to make sure our bill is voted favorably out of committee. Join us telling state legislators to report an Act to Stop Mass Shootings favorably out of committee here.

We have just a few days left to tell our legislators to stop exporting terror. Join us by sending an email to your legislator.

Thank you for taking action today.


Zoe Grover

Executive Director of Stop Handgun Violence