Another chance to support An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings

Massachusetts residents: Be sure to send your message of support for An Act to Stop Mass Shootings today: An Act to Stop Mass Shootings. Committees will be making key decisions about the future of proposed bills by Wednesday.

In the News:

  • Community gun violence prevention programs have positive results in Boston.
  • One person died after a gun shooting at the Braintree South Shore Mall.
  • In San Jose, gun owners must insure their firearms.
  • Illinois gun manufacturing marketing military-style weapons called the JR-15 to children.
  • Suspect in hostage situation at a Texas synagogue purchased his gun by private sale.
  • A Virginia mother charged for threatening the school board with bringing all her loaded guns from home over school mask mandate.
  • child is shot every hour in the U.S.A.
  • Religious organizations are essential in community action for gun violence prevention.