Action Alert: Tell Statehouse to Ban Manufacture of Assault Weapons

Did you know that assault weapons are banned in Massachusetts but they continue to be manufactured here? Massachusetts-made assault weapons are used in high-profile mass shootings across the U.S. The shooter at the Highland Park 4th of July Parade used a Massachusetts-made assault weapon to kill seven individuals last week. Together, we can stop the flow of weapons from Massachusetts to other states.

Tell our elected officials to support the “Act to Stop Mass Shootings” which would ban the manufacture of assault weapons in Massachusetts.

In the News:

  • A war zone in Highland Park, Illinois after another mass shooting on July 4th.
  • Multiple shootings in Boston over the weekend wounded many.
  • Boston Police uncover ghost gun factory in Dorchester.
  • NY Times opinion: Gun rights over human life.
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Healey on SCOTUS ruling and guidance to law enforcement.
  • The Safer Communities Act was swiftly signed to law by President Biden; some have seen it as doing little to end gun violence but researchers see it as a glass half full.
  • Supreme Court rules against public opinion on guns and abortion care.