MA Voter Registration Deadline

The Massachusetts deadline for voter registration is August 12th for the September 1st primary; and October 14th for the November presidential election.


In a recent Gallup poll, gun control was listed as one of the top three issues for 2020 voters. Keep up the good work and tell your friends and family to VOTE FOR GUN SAFETY!

Thanks to all who took action and contacted their MA Senate legislator for the Police Reform bill to ban chokeholds and limit use of tear gas by officers. The Senate voted and passed the bill 30-7!

Gun violence in a pandemic.

A 13-year old will be tried as an adult for killing his younger brother. The loaded gun he used to play cops and robbers was not secured and left on the couch by his father. The father faces no charges.

  • In Bridgewater, a man pulls a gun on a person for not wearing a mask in a Walgreens store.
  • St. Louis police confiscate firearms from couple who pointed guns at peaceful protestors.
  • In Kansas, a gun owner points to his gun as his excuse to NOT wear his mask at a restaurant.
  • Defunct Bump Stock manufacturer files a claim against Las Vegas massacre victims fund.
  • The Trump administration lifted a ban on sales of silencers to private overseas buyers that was intended to protect U.S. troops from ambushes.
  • New report shows nearly half of school shootings occurred in the South, which has lax gun laws, while less than 10% occurred in the Northeast, which has tougher gun laws.
  • NRA tweets to promote the AR-15 as “the modern-day musket”.

On our calendar:

  • Jr. Newtown Action Alliance summer music series in July and August. Register here.
  • Newtown Action Alliance webinar on ghost guns on July 20th. Pre-registration required.
  • Change The Ref Guac-athon to celebrate Joaquin’s 20th birthday on August 4th.