What Is Concealed Carry Reciprocity?

Massachusetts currently boasts the lowest rate of gun violence in the nation, due in large part to our model gun permitting system. We are proud of this achievement, it is evidence that common sense gun safety really does save lives. But it may surprise you to learn that many other states do not hold gun permit applicants to such high standards.

This is where it gets scary.

A gun lobby-sponsored bill has been introduced in both houses of the United States Congress (HR38/S446) that would allow anyone who can carry a hidden, loaded gun in their home state to carry it legally in Massachusetts. This is known as Concealed Carry Reciprocity or Federally-Mandated Concealed Carry.

Click here to tell your Congressperson to vote no on Federally-Mandated Concealed Carry! 

Unfortunately, if this legislation passes, the massively successful gun permitting system we have worked so hard to implement in Massachusetts would be undone. States that have the lowest standards for gun permitting would become the new national standard, which would mean people with guns could be walking around Boston or your neighborhood who:

  1. Have not taken part in any gun safety training
  2. Are convicted stalkers
  3. Have a history of abusing their dating partners
  4. Have repeated drunk driving convictions
  5. Are under the age of 21
  6. Are legally blind!

Law enforcement agencies and officials like the NYPD have been coming out fervently against Federally Mandated Concealed Carry, saying that it will make it much harder to keep people safe.

This calls for serious action.

Please take a few minutes to call your Senator or Representative, their phone numbers are listed below. If you don’t know who your Representative is, you can check here.

Alternatively, you can send your congressperson an email by clicking here to take action.

All you need to say is: “Hello, my name is _____ and I am your constituent from [your City/Town], MA.  I strongly oppose Federally Mandated Concealed Carry in bill HR38/S446. I strongly encourage the Representative/Senator to vote NO on this bill and to urge their colleagues to do the same. Thank you.”

Rep. Joe Kennedy, III: 202-225-5931
Rep. Seth Moulton: 202-225-8020
Rep. Katherine Clark: 202-225-2836
Rep. Niki Tsongas: 202-225-3411
Rep. Stephen Lynch: 202-225-8273
Rep. Mike Capuano: 202-225-5111
Rep. Jim McGovern: 202-225-6101
Rep. Bill Keating: 202-225-3111
Rep. Richard Neal: 202-225-5601
Sen. Edward Markey 202-224-2742
Sen. Elizabeth Warren 202-224-4543

Thank you for helping keep Massachusetts safe!