Gun Reform Update: 116th Congress

It’s a New Year and a new Congress! The 116th Congress convenes this week on Thursday, January 3rd.

Upcoming events:

  • Jan 2 -23 (Wednesdays) Lobby days for gun safety at the Rhode Island State Capitol.

Gun Control Across the Nation

Conceal Carry Reciprocity S.446 runs out of time and other key turning points for gun reform activism.

13 gun violence facts in 2018 reviewed by The Trace.

Gun Violence in schools the worst on record since 1970.

Gun violence kills more kids than cancer.

Violence Policy center white paper on Murder-Suicide shows 91% involved a firearm.

Dick’s Sporting Goods settles lawsuit on age discrimination, but no change on their gun purchase policy.

More lawsuits trending against retailers for straw purchase sales.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention and Other States

Springfield Massachusetts Episcopal Diocese buys shares in Smith & Wesson.

Boston reports a reduction in violent crimes in 2018.

Former Boston Police officer sentenced in connection with straw purchases of firearms.

New Hampshire suicide by firearm is a public health crisis.

Vermont legislators looking at a waiting period after her son’s obituary.

California proposes gun law reform, including a tax on semi-automatic firearms.

Colorado State Representative will co-sponsor a red-flag bill in the House.

New York fined 10 insurance companies for underwriting NRA programs.

Ohio legislators override Governor’s veto and pass gun law with stand your ground provision.

Oregon Democrats will introduce a gun storage bill in 2019.

Washington the 5th state to ban sales of assault rifles to buyers under 21.

In Florida, Parkland High School safety commission approved arming administration at schools.