Gun Reform Update: Dear Congress

Stop Handgun Violence +221 advocates signed a letter to Congress for gun violence research. Read the full letter here.

What’s ahead:

  • April 6 (Sat) Operation Liptstick Grand Opening in Boston.
  • April 9 (Tues) March For Our Lives: Boston public meeting in Boston.
  • April 22 (Mon) March For Our Lives:Springfield fundraiser.
  • April 25 (Thur) Support Stop Handgun Violence at the 91% private screening in Arlington.
  • May 12 (Sun) Annual Louis D. Brown Peace Walk in Boston.

Across Our Nation

House rebukes the NRA and passes Violence Against Women Act.

Federal bump stock ban goes into effect, and the Supreme Court won’t stop it.

There could be support by Republican Senators for an Extreme Risk Protective Order bill.

BU School of Public Health study shows universal background checks reduce homicide rates.

Public support for gun law reform holds steady.

A study correlates stronger gun laws to safer high schools.

Time to retire the term “Red Flag Law”.

Gun alarm panic buttons go on sale in America.

CEO of Dicks’ Sporting Goods has no regrets on company’s gun selling policy change.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Massachusetts lawmaker identifies a loophole in the state background check system.

Gloucester Father Greg Gibson teams up with his son’s killer for gun reform.

Maine gun buyback will turn guns into garden tools.

A Detroit Michigan student, a victim of gun violence, prohibited from school activities.

Rhode Island police report no return of bump stocks since state ban.

California judge rules state ban on high capacity magazines as unconstitutional.

Columbine students launch #MyLastShot campaign.

Safe storage bill passes in the Delaware House.

March For Our Lives D.C. students use ARTivism to call out the inaction of Congress.

The Gun Industry Rounds

The NRA is lobbying to block the Violence Against Women Act.

An NRA official contacted Sandy Hook hoaxers to respond to Parkland shootings.

The NRA is pushing their pro-gun agenda in Australia.

Republican Senators want to prevent financial firms from cutting ties with firearms industry.

Bump stock seller RW Arms surrenders 60,000 devices to the ATF.

The firearms industry remain on the edge of the gun reform debate.